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APGAR Criteria Score of 0 Score of 1 Score of 2
Appearance (Skin Color) The baby's whole body is blue or pale (pallor). The body is pink, but the extremities (hands and feet) are blue or pale. The baby's entire body is pink, indicating good circulation.
Pulse (Heart Rate) No heartbeat or pulse is detectable. The heart rate is less than 100 beats per minute (bpm). The heart rate is 100 bpm or higher, indicating a strong heartbeat.
Grimace Response (Reflex Irritability) No response to stimulation, such as a mild pinch. The baby exhibits a weak grimace or facial expression in response to stimulation. The baby cries or coughs vigorously when stimulated, indicating a healthy reflex response.
Activity (Muscle Tone) The baby's body is limp and floppy, showing little or no muscle tone. The baby has some muscle tone, but arms and legs are mostly flexed (bent). The baby's arms and legs are actively flexed, indicating good muscle tone.
Respiration (Breathing Effort) The baby is not breathing or making any respiratory effort. The baby has weak or irregular breathing. The baby is breathing well and crying loudly, indicating good respiratory function.